I slept late today. I woke at 9am. Usually I’m up at least 3 hours earlier. I set an alarm, but my body clock just seems to wake up at 6 and get up and at ‘em (which I used to think was up and Adam…and I always wondered who “Adam” was?!)

Apparently I needed the rest. Instead of fighting it, last night I knew I could sleep longer this morning— if my body clock allowed it — so I didn’t set my backup alarm. I awoke feeling really refreshed.

I started to write about the importance of rest and getting a good night’s sleep. Then, I went to post this blog — and the Internet service was out. I couldn’t get online to check emails or anything else.

As I could feel a bit of tension rise, I thought:  “I’m glad I at least had a good night’s sleep.”  On a scale of 1-10 my tension began rising from 0 — because I got that extra rest that I clearly must have needed.  If I hadn’t gotten that rest, perhaps my starting tension level might have been 3, 4 or even 5…which might have made me closer to boiling. ✨ Now I don’t really get heated over an internet outage.  I can’t control that— still it is annoying.

But, what I’m thinking about this morning is three-fold:  1) A good night’s rest helps the tone for the day. 2) Annoying stuff will happen no matter what so it’s nice to be better rested when it does happen. 3) Lessons can be found everywhere, including in the seemingly insignificant events in life. We just have to be open to learning no matter what the situation. 

PS: I much prefer photographers, but this is a rare selfie for the situation!

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