My mother embroidered and framed a picture that said, “Know Thyself.” We couldn’t leave our house without seeing it. This sometimes really annoyed me, especially since it was also my mother’s rejoinder whenever I blamed someone else for something troubling me. 

“Know thyself” is one of those simple expressions that we really have to think about and work on understanding. Why do we have to work so hard to know ourselves? In part, it’s because we’ve spent a lifetime constructing our self-image through the facial expressions of others—people who are often tired, overworked, overwhelmed and trying to do their best to deal with their own limitations. Their expressions weren’t (and aren’t) always happy, approving or embracing. Sadly, mixing up our true self-image with an image of ourselves perceived through others’ moods or circumstances can result in misinterpretation. It can make us believe that the answer to finding and knowing ourselves is rooted in external factors. 

This further triggers faulty thinking that goes deeper if and when we start to believe other people are the cause of our problems. While that may be the case under certain circumstances, more often it is our sense of self that needs to be embraced during problematic moments of discomfort. 

We must develop a real sense of who we are—and own it. Our uniqueness is that inner voice that nobody else has. It empowers us, heals us, finds us, corrects us and makes it possible for us to love and respect ourselves. To find ourselves means we have to think for ourselves. We must pay attention to our intuition, not our rationalizing brains. We must follow our hearts, as that is where our wisdom resides. 

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