Did you know that while more time to do a lot of nothing might seem like a luxury we all aspire to, it is unlikely to make us feel happier. In fact, doing nothing for greater health is even more doubtful.

When talking about doing nothing, we’re not talking about sleep, naps & meditation for recuperation. Rather, we’re talking about when we have significant amounts of downtime…like possibly following retirement or while between jobs (or instead of watching endless hours of TV). 

Research confirms that those who stay occupied during downtime feel a much greater sense of well-being when compared to those who opt to sit around doing little. While a little couch time, TV or internet surfing is fun (heck, we wouldn’t have found each other if we didn’t have a little time for social media…) too much of it is not conducive to our health, longevity & happiness.

Life satisfaction in all forms improve significantly when we use our downtime to pursue passions that allow us to be creative and/or physically active. This could include painting a canvas…or a room; improving our daily exercise routines; trying new cooking projects; dancing or music lessons you’ve always wanted to try; starting a home repair, decorating or cleaning project; testing your frisbee talents or learning to play a new card game…the list of options is endless & unique as each of us.

The Point: Don’t wait for the “time” when you think it will be wonderful to do nothing. Doing nothing is not what it’s racked up to be…and will not help your longevity, health nor life satisfaction. Keep On Movin’ On, starting today!

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