“You and I” by Queen was always a favorite song of mine.  But, as I heard it the other day, it got me thinking:  Have you ever noticed when someone says, “I…(fill in the blank with whatever) the tendency is to come back with an “I”-statement as well? Like if someone says, “I’m hungry.”  We might respond “I’m hungry, too.” Or if someone said, “I’m feeling sad.” We might respond, “I know what you mean” or “I know how you feel.”

Here’s a challenge: What if we could remove our “I” from these conversations. Our goal could be to just hear what the other is trying to express without internalizing or trying to extrapolate another’s experience into our personal collective frame of references. 

What a challenge worth accomplishing if we could really learn to just listen and let another express what they want to express without the need to bring me, or “I” into their experience … Unless, of course, we are specifically asked or really deeply desire to do so. 

This would take lots of conscious effort. But, perhaps every relationship would benefit from this effort. While you and I are similar, we are each experiencing life uniquely.

PS: This is me hanging with the fishes, which is a favorite moving metal sculpture that I own by Frederick Prescott  — which should not to be confused with sleeping with the fishes as in The Godfather — which is probably my favorite movie! Gee, I’m giving you all kinds of personal trivia today!

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