All of us dislike being judged. Unless we’ve really got our act together while wearing titanium super suits — judgements hurt.

The goal is to release our shame or guilty feelings when we feel judged. We do this by stepping back and as my mother used to say: Consider the source.

Taking this one step further, I’d add: Consider the circumstance as well.

Sometimes judgements from another are wake up calls about a behavior of ours that might need reassessing. Other times we’re getting insights about another’s perspectives or beliefs or maybe even their mood in the moment. 

Whatever the case, it’s up to each of us to decide and also understand that what we’ve received is a critique of a behavior that we can choose to change or not. A critique is not a reflection of our core essence. Remember that when you feel sensitive and a little self-assessment might be warranted.  

We’re all ok as we are. We’re doing, learning, changing, growing, tweaking, adding and subtracting behaviors constantly. This is healthy, normal human existence. 

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