True joy in life grows from being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Today is a good day to own and embrace your mighty purpose.✨

Maybe you’re wondering: “What is my mighty purpose?” ✨

It gets down to this: 1) Knowing who you are and accepting all of you — not just your obvious fabulosity, but all of you. 2) Think about what you love to do. It doesn’t have to be just one thing or done in one way. For me, I like making people smile. I do this through a variety of ways like writing, listening and smiling and talking to people I know and strangers. 3) Ask yourself why you love doing whatever it is you do. I like getting others to smile because it makes me feel good and I think they feel good (or at least I gave them something to talk about if they think I’m crazy!) 4) Ask yourself: Do others also benefit from your purpose? When you answer this, remember: Your purpose can be found in anything. Making music in any way, shape or form; artwork that captivates the eye; toilets that flush; cars that start at the turn of a key; a sale that makes someone happy you convinced them to make the purchase; a student that is glad they learned from you; moving and helping others move too; making a delicious coffee that gets a day started; a person who smiled just because you showed them a smile first. The list is endless. ✨

Purpose comes from finding what makes us happy and sharing our joy. It’s time to go share your Mighty Purpose with the World! ✨