Life is a journey. While our paths may cross those of others, we are still each on our own journey. Once we understand and accept this, our sense of kindness towards ourselves and others gains capacity. 

Just like the detours we face while driving, the turns in our lives still helped us get to where we are today. We may not have always known why we had to detour, why we couldn’t simply go from A to Z without a zillion stops in between, but still, we are where we are. The trip is not over, we can’t stop, there really is no destination until there is a very final one that we all face some day.

Until then, we get to choose. We can venture out like explorers. We can stick with the roads that feel more familiar. Regardless of the route, if our eyes and hearts are open — plenty of roads will lead to joys, celebrations, discoveries and adventures.

The important daily choice? Is to embrace the journey.

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