This smoking hot 88 year old woman is my Mom! aka Jane, Nannie, Grandmother, Mom. She’s the ultimate Face of Silver Disobedience™. Scroll through the photos and you’ll find her equally hot, younger husband Bernie.

Jane & Bernie were both happily married to their other spouses for 50 years until they departed to Heaven. Jane & Bernie met at Church (8am Monday Mass!) had their first date on Valentine’s Day, got married a year later…and are coming up to a 10 year anniversary! They live in New Hampshire and Florida –and have traveled to more countries together than I’ve been to! They are living life to the fullest and the 11 of their collective children are inspired by their Lust for Life! They are shining examples of the Silver Disobedient™ life!

@iggypoppofficial are you listening?!

Kisses and Love, Dian aka @SilverDisobedience