So often we hear people pining for their younger days as if it was a pinnacle time of life that has passed. Certainly while observing children, any of us could envy that they seem to be overflowing with infinite energy. Teens and young adults are often full of ideas about changing the world. Indeed, our younger years were a time when we may have had certain physical advantages that were instantly accessed (without aches & pains) and these might have been an asset. Likely younger days had certain mental advantages too—because for most of us our younger years didn’t include stress about work along with worries about paying rent & bills for not just ourselves, but our families as well. If we compared ourselves to life for a child or teen (and comparing is usually not a great idea…) maybe one might think our days of youth have passed.

But I think the real thing we’re observing as “youth,” is the energy to explore. Youthfulness is not merely a physical state. We all know plenty of teens and even some in their 20s who act pretty stogy because they either think they know it all or they are wasting their ability to move by sitting around hour after hour texting and playing video games. Youth—in my humble opinion— is a state of mind that can be owned by anyone at any age. Youth is the urge to explore every curiosity that comes to mind; the desire to learn anything & everything we can, about whatever we want to know. With this definition, yes, I do believe that youth — the desire & energy put towards continual learning— is the pinnacle of life. So, tell me about how you’re enjoying your youth!

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