I once read a memorable story about one of the speech writers for former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Apparently every time the writer would hand a speech to Mr. Kissinger, Mr Kissinger would ask: “Is this the best you can do?”  This question would greatly upset the writer. He would take the speech back; begin doubting his ability as a writer; and work on it for more hours before resubmitting.

One day, while again handling a copy of a speech to Mr. Kissinger, when asked: “Is this the best you can do?” — the anxious writer got furious and said, “Why don’t you just fire me since you keep me on asking me if my speeches are the best I can do?”

In calm statesmanship style, Mr. Kissinger responded: “I hired you because I believe in your ability. Maybe you need to as well. If it’s the best you can do, why have you never confidently said, “Yes, it’s the best I can do, and it’s damn good.”  

Just something to think, when you start wondering if there is some ulterior motive behind a question or if you know your work is up to par, yet you start doubting yourself and your abilities.

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