There’s no way to slow down time. We’re all busy and a day passes quickly as our time is consumed fulfilling responsibilities. With all the obligations to family, friends, work and more — it’s easy to feel frustrated or even slip into feelings of inadequacy when we look around and see cobwebs in corners, fingerprints on the fridge, the weeds in the garden, the leaves on the lawn, a thrown together meal that we know could have been more healthy.  

It’s hard not to notice all that’s less than perfect as it catches our time and attention.

But before you get sucked into self-flagellation or doing a variety of tasks that may not be urgently necessary, ask yourself if there is something more important in that moment…something that if it received our attention would reap greater rewards for all.

Like a partner that really wants us to listen and that we want to listen to. A teen that needs the comfort of calm  and quiet conversation-less company. A toddler that is hoping for a playmate on the floor. A neighbor that wants a conversation over a cup of tea to get relief from the stress of their obligations as well.  And Yourself — who needs rest and a break from it all to just chill and take an out of the ordinary walk.

If we have a roof over our heads, clothing on our backs, food on our tables — the dust in the corners, the dirty laundry and the pots and pans can wait if something else is really more important in the moment. 

Focus on what matters and give yourself permission to let the little things slide. 

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