Lately it seems more and more people are defining their habits as addictions.  I think it is real important to define the difference between a habit or an addiction, and to be very honest with ourselves about which is which when we discuss them. ✨

For starters, addictions can be quite serious and may even become somewhat of an involuntary behavior due to chemical aspects, for example. With habits there is more of a choice involved  — even if we’d like to believe we are addicted.✨

Why I think this differentiation is an important distinction to contemplate is this:  People lump things together. They say they are addicted to things such as coffee, alcohol, pot, chocolate, sweets, nicotine or even exercise, for example. To be addicted is to be dependent or controlled by a substance or behavior whereby the rewarding effects (which may be physical, emotional or chemical) provide incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences to our bodies or minds. ✨

Habits on the other hand are formed every moment of our lives. Some are desirable, others maybe not so. Habits are not addictions. We are not dependent on our habits, yet we may feel controlled by them. And they may carry a reward which could be positively identified or somewhat distorted as it may consequently impact us positively or negative with repetition. So, this means habits are regular choices, or tendencies that we practice, and the more we practice them, the harder they are to give up. ✨

What do you think?   Do you think the difference is important?

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience