Does aging make those who are older less relevant to society? The juxtaposition between older vs. younger generations is worth contemplation. Does age create a divide at some point? Over 200,000+ heartfelt comments to these blogs have resoundingly confirmed the answer is: NO. Years do not create irrelevancy.

Rather irrelevancy begins by becoming too inward focused. We do this by making our worlds smaller, more structured, more scheduled & defined because we think this will somehow insure our survival. Yet, it is actually the opposite that happens. We begin to shift into relevancy decline. Our life pulse weakens in direct correlation to the strength of our resistance. We fade because becoming inward focused is really becoming smaller-minded. We do this because we are afraid of change, of differences, of new ways of thinking. Well here’s a wake up call: Resisting change because we don’t like change will cause us to drown in irrelevance and we’ll like that even less.

Action is the antidote for irrelevance. It’s what inspires great music, art, fashion, science, medicine, communication and all advances in every area of life at any age.

Age is irrelevant. The number of years we have lived does not make anyone less relevant. Lack of heart and lack of will does. Resistance to change is the culprit.

By resisting changing we become the proud owners of the best insurance policies for irrelevancy. Keep yourself in a constant state of learning, growing and changing and you will always be relevant. If you believe your best days are behind you, you’re right. Believe you’re just getting started? You’re right, too. It’s all a relevancy state of mind.

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