Bad drivers, annoying people on the grocery store line, whining children, unappreciative or insensitive others, demanding bosses & customers, richer people, differences in perspectives—along with more serious things like environmental disasters, tragedies, sickness &  death—are part of life. They always will be. But, how much of the day-to-day stuff impacts our sense of happiness is an internal affair of perception. For example: Let’s say we’re driving and someone cuts us off. One choice is to get all worked up & have a screaming match about it. Another option? Just let them in. Maybe they’re oblivious or in a rush or just a bad driver. Whatever, their action need not impact our happiness even for a moment.

Happiness is not something we need to “get.” We don’t “deserve” to be happy, (which well-meaning friends are quick to tell us), nor can we earn happiness by working harder. (In fact, sometimes people find the opposite to be true. Too much work or too much work on getting happy can make happiness feel elusive. Also, contrary to any belief we may have, money won’t buy us happiness: The amount of money we actually need to feel happy & secure is more likely correlated to how much we spend.

Being happy is not a selfish act. Achieving a happy state of being is generous & a gift we offer to all humankind. Happiness results from choosing to focus more on the good that’s happening around us vs. the bad. We’re all walking a tightrope in life: Focusing forward, not looking down, doing our best to maintain balance with our emotions. By choosing to notice positives in the world and others, we all feel happier, we think & perform better. Physical health improves, as well as general sense of well-being. Our relationships improve as does communication. Our experience of life gets better. Happiness improves when we choose to see good. Good is everywhere, if we choose to see it. None of this implies putting our heads in the sand: Instead it is more about viewing solutions by realizing most people are good & together we can make things good & right. Imagine a world if we could each spend more time noticing “good”: Complimenting the good in others & rejoicing about good whenever we observed it.

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