Intention is a mental state the represents making a commitment to carrying out an action(s) in the future. To act with intention requires considerable forethought along with planning.

Clarity is essential when setting our objectives with intention as is a willingness to clearly state to ourselves exactly what it is we want. Writing it down is even better. Stating the goal, laying out the plan and following through with action is the only way intentions can convert from thoughts to realities.

When we’re defining our intentions, we need to be as clear and specific as possible. If it’s that we want a new job or career—we need to spell out exactly what we want to be doing in a realistic way and noting if there are requirements whereby we’ll need to educate ourselves in some way to make it more likely. If our intention is to get involved in a new personal relationship, we need to thoughtfully imagine our desired mate. What qualities are we seeking?  The more specific we can be, the more likely the relationship will materialize. Simultaneously, we need to ask ourselves what we might need to do, to make such an acquaintance cross our paths. If our intention is to become healthier, we will need to set a clear plan as to how we’re going to eat more healthy foods and increase activity, while decreasing those foods and activities that defy our set intentions.

Bolding declaring our intentions is a first step. Next comes the planning followed by our actions.

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