When I’m not blogging as @SilverDisobedience I am advising executives on corporate messaging.  As such, I’ve really learned the importance of carefully tuning into my intuition and thinking through my thoughts before sharing them because others might take my advice  that I could regret upon more thoughtful consideration.

This goes for most situations. I like time to think about each word before responding — which is probably why I like writing daily vs. doing all the live interviews I’m offered. 

I find that when I have an instant reaction, I’m usually not happy in retrospect that I had the instant reaction — unless it involved an expression of joy or was a gut instinctual response which usually apply most to physical danger or situations that have a strong moral component.

For responses to anything other than joy, moral beliefs or danger, I work really hard to collect my thoughts before engaging my mouth.

Times have certainly changed in many ways. Working with companies on the perceptions in response to messages for 27 years, I used to reference the quote: Don’t go to battle with people who buy ink by the barrel.  Now, with social media, the “ink” is free and people can whip off thoughts in an instant…often without thought. Blogging every day has certainly confirmed that sometimes I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t as whatever I say is subject to countless perceptions based on each reader’s perceptions and experience. 

Ultimately I see the internet like this: If someone gave me a gift and I had their address, I would hand write a thank you note. The fact then being that the giver won’t get an instant email. Instead, they’d get my hand-written note that I put in an envelope and mailed at the post office.  I guess either would be fine, and I might even do both, but mostly I prefer a good old fashioned note. 

I’m not sure what my point is today…so maybe I should have thought about this longer…or maybe I made the point and this becomes the perfect ending to wrap up the message. Either way, I know you’ll all have some thoughts and I welcome them as long as they are relayed in the self-reflective respectful tone of this page.

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