Outward goals are things that tend to fall into categories like desire for wealth, obsession with physical beauty, fame, accrual of possessions, and certain relationships. Outward goals can be fleeting, coming and going due to a variety of factors including our own commitment—but also things like market forces, time, illness, and choices that others make. Outward goals can be impacted by events beyond our control.

Inner intentions are private goals. They are focused on desires such as greater peace, balance and maturity with how we approach situations in our lives. They include things like improving our responses, patience & feelings like love towards others and kindness—regardless of the moment or situation. Inner intentions are goals whereby we’re choosing to take full responsibility and exerting our potential influence to achieve our desired outcome. These form the foundation for outward goals and often trigger the unfolding of unanticipated positive life events that many would otherwise strive for as goals.

Let me use basket ball legend Michael Jordan as an example. He’s certainly wealthy, hit peak physical fitness, has fame as a recognizable household name & can likely purchase whatever possessions he might desire. However, it was his inner intentions and private goals to practice, grow, mature as a basketball player and leader that made him achieve his successes that enabled him to exert his influence on an entire world of sneaker buyers.

By letting go of expectations associated with outward goals, but holding firm to our inner intentions, life gains wholly new potential. Consider how can you apply inner intentions to your life.

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