The infinite mystery of life is how we originated. Science addresses the physical union of sperm and egg. But I’m talking about something far bigger: God, Nature, the Highest Power — whatever it is that you believe. Whatever it is that unleashed an almighty power that resulted in the creation of humans be-ing.

Whatever force birthed us, further enabled us to be born into a life with endless possibilities. 

For ourselves, our job is to embrace exploration of all of the possibilities of living life to the fullest.  And, for those for whom we are responsible, our job is to encourage.  We are not to judge what is possible before attempting it —but to try to live in a way that reveals what might be possible for ourselves and others.  

Only by experience can we discover what is, and is not, within our personal realm of possibility. And it is only in that moment of the “test” that a determination can be made. What was impossible yesterday, may be possible tomorrow. 

Our job is to guide our actions, and encourage those of others, towards the world of possibilities. Knowing we may go forth without the answers or assurance of success, but that only by going forward — can we ever truly discover our own version of immense possibility. 

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