Sometimes we need to make incremental changes. Sometimes we need to overhaul our entire operating system. Here’s how I see the difference. Often people and businesses institute incremental changes and make small alterations in whatever they feel needs change because they believe that this approach will build support over time and is less likely to upset the status quo. Now this may be a perfectly fine strategy …or not… because maybe those likely to resist will keep resisting and possibly keep whining, complaining and weakening the foundation of the change while maybe gathering others who dissent as well. So this brings us to the flip side, that sometimes we need to accept that an overhaul of our entire operating system and possibly the programs running our current beliefs need a rewrite.   

On a regular basis, life will throw us situations that require us to make choices. Age seems to bring more. Invariably moments arise when we have to decide: Do we make the change incrementally or brave an overhaul?   

It could be anything: Illness, work, beliefs, boundaries, ethics, policies, moving, relationships, and more. But the choices will arise.  

The only thing that will make change happen more smoothly, efficiently, less painfully (maybe) is direct communication. Talking about the who, what, why, when, where or how that has to change with those most directly associated with or impacted by the change. 

Direct communication. It solves a lot of problems and allows everyone to make choices to move forward — whether incrementally or with overhauls. 

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