We might wonder at what age will we finally feel peaceful. The reality is, peace with our lives and comfort with who we are is possible today. In fact, we can be peaceful no matter what is happening right now.

When we put our energy and thoughts into the exact moment we are living, when we do everything we have to do with our thoughts and concentration in that very act, we are peaceful.

When I sit each morning, sipping a coffee and writing these essays, I’m not thinking about what I need to do next. I’m not thinking about the rest of the day. I’m thinking about writing down my thoughts about a particular topic. I’m wholly in the moment. Not in yesterday, not in tomorrow. I’m at peace.

When I then move on to put the dishes away from breakfast, the chore goes faster and less rearranging of the dishwasher is necessary later if I focus on organizing it orderly the first time. When I’m speaking with others, if I wholly direct my attention to the discussion at hand, I have far fewer, “Wait! What?” moments, that startle me into the realization that I wasn’t really giving the conversation (which means the other person!) my attention at all.

Zen which is searched for all over the world is the choice to focus on whatever is happening in the exact moment. This is where we find peace in the present.

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