Have you ever been asked a question that is impossible to answer? Of course you have — especially if you’ve ever been pulled over by a police officer and the first question asked is: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” We all know that’s a trick question!  What are you supposed to say: A) “Yes, I was testing the upper limits of my speedometer and wanted to see what speed would make my car redline.”  Or offer an equally bad answer with: “No idea, Officer,” when in fact we know “A” is the answer but it’s not a great idea to incriminate ourselves! ✨

So, yesterday, I asked the question above. I didn’t add: “All of the Above” as an option. ✨

Do you think I really believe being honest and having manners is more important than being respectful and forgiving? Or that learning to accept responsibilities and disappointments might be less important than learning to spend our time & money wisely? ✨

No. I believe all these character lessons are all very important. But sometimes the way to really start a good, memorable conversation is with an impossible to answer question. ✨

What do you think? 😉 

PS: Later today in my Instagram story I’ll share how the poll answers broke down percentage wise — though it won’t tell the full story of how my inbox was bombarded with “All of the Above” messages! 💖Love, Dian aka Silver Disobedience®