It is a waste of finite time to get upset about anything we may perceive as our weaknesses. Rather, the minute we acknowledge those areas that need a little more effort, we have actually taken the first step towards working on them. We must recognize and identify it as not working before we can begin changing it up, for what we believe will be better.  

For the majority, most of our difficulties in life are temporary and intended to make us better, not bitter. They are forms of motivation in disguise, prompting us to become stronger, more confident and bolder in our choices. 

Those difficulties that are more permanent? These teach us other things:  Namely about time and priorities. They give us a sense of urgency and tend to serve as reminders of the finite nature of time and ourselves. 

Time, like snowflakes, disappears while trying to decide what to do with it. Today is a good day to try on your own personal sense of urgency and decide how to best spend your time in ways that will make life better. 

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