Impartial and indifferent are two very different things. We are indifferent when we don’t care. When we are being impartial, we are being fair-minded. 

Impartiality tends to develop, because by observation throughout life, we’ve learned that certain things we’ve always accepted to be true, may turn out to be otherwise, or untrue after all. Likewise, we’ve learned that things we rejected in our pasts, may actually be true or hold validity.

When we choose to take an impartial position, we are not being indifferent, apathetic, heartless, uncaring or otherwise. Rather we are taking the time to think, observe, investigate, study and ask lots of questions before we decide whether we believe there is truth is something we have heard. Then in our hearts we can decide whether to accept or reject those thoughts or feelings, or form an opinion if necessary. 

Impartiality requires effort. It requires stepping back from emotions so we can truly allow peace and thoughtful processing to work towards our conclusions.

Note: Before responding to this post, please remember: Nothing on this page is ever a political statement (and such comments will be deleted.) Rather, each post always comes from the belief that if we each work to be our own best self, the world will be a better place. 

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