“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere,” said Einstein.

What we can imagination is exclusively ours. We can choose to make our imaginings as public or private as we want them to be.

Imagination is the sign that our minds are operating on all cylinders, sparking with creativity that is just waiting to explode into a blaze of glory. Based in curiosity, the only limits to making our imaginings real is our commitment to working to bring them to light.

Some of us have vivid imaginations that are just waiting to be unleashed. Others are more comfortable with allowing imagination to direct our actions and move us forward. Picasso and I have something in common: We both believe(d) that everything we can imagine is real. Once imagined, our actions will either materialize what we imagine or not. Of course this could be good things that propel us forward, or those that keep us stuck if we allow fear to rule our imaginations visualizing doom or gloom.

Imagination is power. It gives us our answers to new possibilities. It is the basis for all personal and societal advances. Add faith to imagination…and anything is possible. Everything starts with imagination. Imagination converts ideas to reality because we believe it can and are willing to make it so. Where is your imagination taking you? Mine made me Silver Disobedience! I’m grateful for this because it’s been so nice to meet you! Paraphrasing Norman Vincent Peale, I’d say, my imagination has delivered my ultimate magic carpet ride.

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