As a deeply self-reflective person, who is a keen observer, who then processes all I see, hear, read, observe and otherwise absorb — I increasingly find myself wondering why people aren’t speaking up about some of the craziness that seems to be accelerating over the past few years.

Then, I reminded myself that I am a “people,” too.

So what was the underlying reason for my silence? Fear, is my conclusion.

And fear is a topic I’ll continue to explore in future post because it is a must-worthy discussion topic.

But for now I’ll say this:  I believe it is fear that leads to cognitive dissonance which is the mental conflict that occurs when our actions are not aligned with our beliefs.  And, in my opinion, cognitive dissonance is the pre-cursor to depression. Depression I believe is the act of depressing, denying, avoiding and not releasing what we feel we need to say or discuss what we’d rather ignore or bury within our psyches.

I refuse to let fear trigger any more cognitive dissonance within me. I am feeling the punk disobedient parts of my 1970’s, stick-it-to-the-man arising within. Not exactly sure how this will unfold…but it is unfolding.  I realize this may cause discomfort. Yet, I hope we will continue to explore some deep issues with civility and respect. 

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