Want to know the number one way we are mean to ourselves and others? It’s this: Recalling over and over in our heads—or spitting out to another—something that happened in the past that nobody can change and can’t be taken back. Doing this is how we beat up those we love—and this includes putting ourselves in that category of those we love. 

All of us have said and done things that we wish we hadn’t. Yet mentally repeating or bringing up old news halts every form of progress in any relationship, including our relationships with ourselves. Everyone just feels bad.    

Today is a good day to think long and hard about what benefit we could possibly be getting from holding onto past hurt and anger. Personally? I can’t think of any benefit at all. This means it’s time to forgive ourselves and others so we can get on with living life in the present, which is the only place we can make different choices for better outcomes. 

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