Being with your grandchildren is coveted time, especially as it gets more limited when competing with school, sports, activities, and friends. However, snatch up any and all time with your grandchildren as a recent study conducted at the University of Oxford showed children who have close relationships with their grandparents tend to have fewer emotional and behavioral problems. It can also be beneficial to you, according to an article in Parents, which showed grandparents who help out with grandchildren live longer than those who do not. If you are looking for fun and different activities that you can do with your grandchildren, below are a few ideas.


Reading is vital for children of all ages. Activities which involve reading with your grandchildren will encourage them to read for pleasure and interest on their own. Take them to the local library to get a library card and show them how to navigate the library, selecting a book that appeals to their interest. There are so many different magazines tailored to kids, such as: National Geographic Kids, Highlights, and Sports Illustrated Kids(just to name a few!). Talk with your grandchildren to find out which magazine interests them and buy an issue to read together. If they enjoyed it, what a great birthday or holiday gift, buying a yearly subscription in their own name!


When you are visiting your grandchildren or they are coming to see you, it is fun to venture out and take in the sights of that area. Whether you have visited them frequently or seeing them for the first time, it is always fun sharing the experience with them. Explore local parks and attractions, zoos and museums, especially places geared to children of all ages  Search online together, using sites like yelp to find the best restaurants or ice cream places in town. Go to the dining establishment to see if it lives up to the reviews and discuss what you liked or did not like. Encourage them to write their own review, allowing them to express themselves orally while writing the experience, too. This is a fun way to get your grandchildren reading and writing more as they continue to explore other places on their own with their parents. You can even check-in on them after your visit to see if they have written any reviews lately!


Do you have a favorite family recipe? Usually, it is written on a fading piece of paper that has been passed down from generation to generation. While you have been the sole baker of the family recipes, it is time to teach the next generation to make it! There is no better way to do this than by doing it together. This can also lend itself to educational opportunities to teach them about fractions (baking requires a lot of different measurements) and writing (or typing) as it is a great opportunity to transfer that recipe to a new piece of paper (or word document) that will withstand another fifty years!

Any time with grandchildren is special but, hopefully, these ideas will help create not only great times but also life-lasting memories!

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