That expression, about how we’ve “only seen the tip of the iceberg”— is really one of the best descriptors of people. While most think this phrase is a warning about how a problem or difficulty is only a small semblance of a bigger issue — I actually visualize icebergs quite differently. Let me explain…

90% of an iceberg is below the surface.  What is below the surface is very difficult to judge—but it runs deep out of necessity. It is the large foundation that allows the iceberg to maintain its stability. Instead of being wholly exposed, we only see a tip of it, while the rest remains deep in the ocean. Generation of powerful upward buoyant force enables icebergs to stay afloat. The bigger the mass below the surface—the more stable the iceberg.

Why icebergs analogize so beautifully to people is this: Those that develop their inner sense of self, have greater stability in life. Further, those with a strong comprehension of who they are and where they’ve been are more likely to hold a lot under their surface that is not visible to other people. They don’t need to brag about their power, nor be critical of others. They’re more likely to laugh at themselves & be kind to others.

Experiences have formed a strong foundation for greater buoyancy, which serves to make us lighter, whether facing troubled waters or calm seas. Assurance of who we are need not be announced. Our strength of character can be allowed to swell from deep below the surface. Hard-earned emotional stability is well-regarded as strength. As such, confidence radiates.

Character is dependent upon the degree to which we have created strong foundations for ourselves. Some of us had the benefit of being born into stable environments, others not. Either way, stability comes from growing through years of challenges, opportunities, people, situations & circumstances.  It accumulates through living, but can be chipped away, only to resurface yet again. Even though icebergs float upon the ocean waves, they remain stable, able to withstand the storms of life.

Icebergs remind me of healthy aging. With each year the foundation that defines our spirits and character becomes more solid; better able to withstand the challenges, suffering & setbacks that come with the tides of life. Moving, ebbing & flowing, but remaining steady & strong.

I far prefer my view on “the tip of icebergs.”  How about you?

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