I ASKED. That is what was missing from my unscripted reel yesterday. Because it was unscripted and because I was trying to tell a story and make a point in under a minute, I realize in retrospect I omitted an incredibly important point: I ASKED FOR ADVICE on how to improve. AND, I KINDLY got it.  More so, BEFORE I got the suggestions, I was also given focused encouragement for what I was doing right. THEN, because I always want to LEARN and IMPROVE (even though MY EGO wants to believe I’m above improvement, which MY HEART knows is not true) I ASKED because I wanted to know: “But what can I do better?”  All the information after the “but” was shared with great kindness, insight and from experience greater than mine — BECAUSE I ASKED.  AND, what RELEVANT information it was!  @JenniferStarr1 gave me the information that you can only get from a professional casting director whose iconic work and direction has influenced the global fashion and beauty industries for over 25 years. 🌟

SO, this brings me to a few key points to contemplate. None of us are “all that” all the time, including, dare I say, moi! We are learning, growing & experiencing because hopefully we are challenging ourselves to learn, grow & experience. WHEN I am in GROWTH MODE — I am simultaneously in READ & ASK mode. I want to GATHER as much INFORMATION as I can. So I read everything and ask anyone who might know more about the subject.  I RISK telling them what I’m doing and ASK for their ADVICE, OPINIONS and YES! Even their suggestions which come from their CRITICAL EXPERIENCE & SKILLS.  And such CRITICAL THINKING IS NOT A NEGATIVE!  It is a POSITIVE to welcome and EMBRACE because we’re getting a lesson from a professional who gets paid for their suggestions and opinions! So, be sure to say THANK YOU. 🌟

Now, I have a BIG ASK! Say a prayer for Jennifer’s long time side-kick Indy. Indy (in the photo) is not doing well. So, please send a message of love. ❤️

Thanks again for joining me on this high-growth, never-dull, always challenging, forever intriguing journey of personal growth and self-improvement. Love, Dian