Do you recognize opportunity when you see it? Upon honest reflection, I’ve missed opportunities countless times. Actually, maybe I didn’t miss it. The more accurate statement, if I’m being deeply honest, might be that I didn’t appreciate the opportunity for what it was. I either discredited certain opportunities as irrelevant; was ignorant of the big picture presented; viewed it as some chance anyone might have — or worse — my ego stepped in and I didn’t step back to really assess what was being offered.

Over the years, I’ve learned to look at each situation with deep consideration and care, whether it involves a person place or thing that is being offered to me. I now know it doesn’t always sparkle or come neatly packaged. Sometimes a little or a lot  of digging is necessary to unearth the treasure of the opportunity. Perhaps this is something you want to think about, too. Opportunity is everywhere but to see it we must stop, ask questions, consider the possibilities, explore all the angles or maybe plunge in and take the risk of unknown adventures.

PS: Adding some “light on the subject” 😉 This is an edited shots that relates to yesterday’s behind-the-scenes video shared on Instagram and Facebook @SilverDisobedience   It comes from my newest adventure: A merger between my passion from a 30+ year career as a public relations strategist and my last 6 years working as a Wilhelmina model and a creative. It’s called: Creative Content Loft We are a collective of creatives who are collaborating, having fun and sharing individual genius to reach new levels of visual and written excellence for our partners.