Manifestation occurs naturally in all facets of our lives. Our inspiration or lack of it is our creation. Reflect on things you’ve felt about a particular subject: I bet on some level, doing this triggers a variety of feelings.✨

To increase positive manifestation we have to exercise this ability consciously while linking the results to what we’re thinking & feeling.✨

Start small – like those parking spaces I discussed a couple of days ago. Then, looking at other areas in your life and consider what thoughts & feelings arise.✨

At first this may feel like putting puzzle pieces together. But try to recall thoughts & feelings that could have created the end result you are analyzing.✨

The amazing thing is this: the more you practice manifesting consciously, your skills & abilities become clearer & you notice increasing connections. The goal is to keep raising your thoughts & feelings to consciousness—moving them out of the unconscious realm.✨

With practice you’ll notice positive thoughts & recurring limiting thoughts that were created a long time ago. Label them all as thoughts and consciously redirect thoughts & feelings you want to elevate.✨

As you contemplate your wants, think about why it is OK to feel good about your choices & what you’ll consciously do to make them manifest into reality.✨

It’s normal if negative thoughts or feelings slip in. Just observe & label them as thoughts. Refocus on feeling good about what you want. Negative feelings have little power if you do not dwell on them or give them energy.✨

Power builds as you focus on your goals. This is a natural process. But, it is up to you to couple your energy with actions.✨

Focus & feel good about your choices which raises vibrational energy towards other beautiful things. If you start to feel bad, realize your focus has shifted to some old pattern or thought. Gently bring it back to what you would like to think about & feel. Allow the energy to build & move you forward with confidence. Be open to see exciting things as they may be the beginning steps of manifestation.✨

Be gentle. It can take time to create new habits. Yet, consistent self-affirming & loving thoughts + efforts bring great results.✨

I’m @DianGriesel aka a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook & TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition; and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience  More info on my websites (search my name) and at Wilhelmina Models. Silver Disobedience® is a Registered Trademark.