The holiday season should be a time of joy and peace, but these feelings quickly fade when anyone starts thinking about travel logistics, especially when you’re bringing along your four-legged friend. “Stop the stress,” says Gayle Martz, pet activist and author of IT’S IN THE BAG, “With a little bit of planning and preparedness, you and your pet can travel happily whether it be by car, plane, or train, to see your loved ones.”

Carrier is Clutch

While there are many different pet carriers on the market, Martz is well-known for creating the first soft-sided pet carrier called The SHERPA Bag®. She has traveled the world with her dogs in these trusted carriers that always rank high on any “Best Pet Carrier” list thanks to its functionality, style, and comfort. Once you have your preferred carrier, it is crucial that you get your pet comfortable with being in it. “The more comfortable your pet becomes with the bag at home, the less anxiety you and your pet will have when you travel. The bag will become your pet’s private den, a safe space for them to take refuge in,” says Martz.

Reservations Really Matter

Be sure to make an airline reservation for your pet at the same time you make one for yourself. “Only a limited number of pets can be transported on each flight, and that number varies by airline and aircraft type. So, it is important to make this reservation as early as possible,” says Martz.

Research the Restrictions

When making your reservation, research the airline’s pet travel policy so you are familiar with any special restrictions for pets in the passenger cabin. “If you are using a SHERPA Bag®, you do not have to worry about the dimensions listed for pet carriers as those are for hard carriers and do not apply to SHERPA Bags®, since they are airline-approved, soft-sided and flexible pet carriers,” says Martz. The size of the pet is most important as pets must be able to fit comfortably beneath the seat in front of you and have room to stand up and turn around in the bag.

Live by Liners

Accidents happen. You need to prepare for the possibility of your pet getting motion sickness or needing to use the bathroom. Make sure your pet carrier has an absorbent liner and pack extra towels with you. “I pack disposable pads and a clean liner that is easily washable to make our trip more comfortable,” says Martz.

Have Your Health Certificate Handy

Just like you need to have a photo I.D. to travel, your pets must have a recent (within 7 – 10 days) health certificate from your veterinarian. The statement must include current inoculations. “It is essential to have this certificate when flying or when entering some states in an automobile,” says Martz.

For more information on how to make traveling with your pets this holiday season a little less stressful, visit Martz’ website.

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