(SP) One of the hardest parts about being separated from one another is not having the ability to come together over a meal. Whether it’s a holiday, a weekend tradition, a special occasion, or comfort in a time of need – many of our social activities and relationships are bonded through food.

So when a loved one, a friend, or a neighbor is quarantined, not only does it make it difficult, or really impossible, to physically be there to support them, but homemade favorites, like Mom’s chicken soup or famous brownies, that provide comfort and joy cannot be shared. Fortunately, despite this unique time, there are many opportunities to help in other ways.

One way is to make sure that loved ones do not have to think about or worry about what they are going to eat – or how to prepare it. EAT FIT GO offers restaurant-quality, chef-designed meals that can be sent straight to someone’s home and are ready-to-eat with just a few minutes in the microwave. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, EAT FIT GO has successfully delivered nearly six million meals from its USDA-regulated kitchen. These plant-based meals that are vacuum sealed immediately, individually wrapped, and then sent via a temperature-controlled shipping box.  

EAT FIT GO offers meals to fit anyone’s palate or dietary needs. For those that are avoiding gluten, for example, there’s ratatouille pasta penne made with lentil pasta and or a turkey shepherd’s pie. People who are avoiding dairy can enjoy teriyaki stir fry, which comes in chicken and steak versions, along with many other choices. Vegetarians have many flavorful varieties from across the globe such as a Korean bibimbap bowl or Indian chickpea marsala. For breakfast-for-dinner lovers or for those that want all their meals covered, there are two varieties of egg scrambles, southwestern and sunrise

Recognizing how important it is to make sure people have quality, delicious food to eat – without having to risk going to the grocery store or waiting days for the store to deliver what may or may not be in stock – EAT FIT GO is offering 15 percent off orders for a limited time. You can show your love by buying 5, 10, 15 or 20 meals at a time for someone special to you (and that someone can even include yourself!) so everyone has at least one less thing to worry about – and more meals to enjoy.

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