We all need to learn how to ask directly for whatever it is that we need The sooner we learn to do this in life the better. This includes asking for what we need from others, from situations and from ourselves. Direct communication is powerful. It removes confusion. It gets answers — whether we like them or not. ✨

Directly asking for what we need can feel uncomfortable at any age or stage of life. However, it eliminates guessing games, puts the cards on the table and allows everyone to hear the questions. It’s the only way to get to answers, resolutions and progress to moving forward. ✨

But here’s the thing: Direct communication must be directed to the person(s) who can help or the person who has the answer(s) you need to hear. Direct communication is not taking endless opinion polls with our family, friends, co-workers or others. Spending even just a moment complaining about a situation instead of addressing it directly? That’s a waste of time.  ✨

Try it. Ask for what you want. You might be surprised if you get what you need.✨

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