Did you know that you can consciously tune into the universal wavelengths of happiness, peace and love? Here’s a little exercise that works, and like all exercise, the more you do it? The better the results.

No matter what is happening — and we all are very aware of what is and isn’t happening these days so this type of exercise is more important than ever —  imagine yourself during any moment in your life when you felt happy, peaceful and or loved. Think about that a moment. Try to feel the physical sensations of the feeling. Observe the warmth and soothing sensations that begin to arise as the though percolates. Notice the twinkle that may be reaching your eyes or the slight upturn of your lips as a smile begins to form as you think about that happy, peaceful, loving moment. 

Now imagine that feeling of happiness, peacefulness and love radiating through your body. Go deeper and feel it reaching and healing every organ in your body, every cell as it flows through to the top of your head, and all the way through to the tips of your fingers and toes. Repeat this exercise throughout the day, everyday and as often as you desire.

Let me know if you feel the vibration.

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