Uncertainties are life constants and we are regularly faced with the need to make decisions. As we get older, many of those decisions become more complicated. They may involve changes within our families and other relationships; moves to new towns, leaving homes we’ve been in for years; work changes like retirement by choice, force or downsizing; and health—our own and others.

When faced with the need to decide, try this strategy series for better decision-making:

  • Have a good cry if you need one. Allowing yourself this release can clear a lot of emotions so you can then get down to the business of decision-making.
  • Make a list of your priorities and brainstorm ideas until you find one that starts to feel good or least unobjectionable. This could include writing down what is most important to you, whose opinion you might like to seek and why.
  • Focus your energy on thinking about these things, as it will help you come to your decisions and possibly relieve stress.
  • Accept the challenge as not just a new reality but an opportunity to grow. Sleep on it. Most major decisions are best made after adequate sleep.
  • Search online. There is a massive amount of information on line about jobs, health, towns and more. Do your research. Informed decisions are better decisions.
  • Ask and reach out to others. If you’re moving, see whom you can speak with who’s lived where you’re thinking about going. If it’s health, speak with those who’ve gone through something similar.
  • Keep your sense of humor. No matter what is happening, really no matter what, there is something to laugh about.

Lastly, remember you’ve made decisions your entire life. So far, you’ve done just fine.

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