“How do I deal with miserable people?” Here’s my answer to that oft asked question.

These folks are our best lessons. 

When we’re around someone who gravitates towards the negative; complains; moans; gripes; only sees  downside; gossips; believes the world is against them; and, seems to seek to destroy instead of understand, grow and build— the ultimate challenge is upon us to recognize that this is THEIR current interpretation of life! 

We do NOT have to accept a ticket to their misery party! And, we won’t win in a fight.

Instead, we need to alter our perspective during these encounters.  These are opportunities to really practice observation. While listening and observing. Next think about the emotions these folks trigger in ourselves. Are we feeling heated- physically? Fearful – emotionally? Worried that they might rub off on us? Maybe even in agreement on some level but reluctant to acknowledge it?  Is it because another is expressing a sense of freedom we wish we would unshackle? The questions are endless and personal to each of us. They are ours to ask to uncover the root of our reactions. 

Whatever emotions arise within us are indicators of something that is worth exploring.

Remember: You have one life to live. You get to host the “My Life Party.” And beyond seriousness: I’m so happy you are all choosing to rock this daily party with me! ✨

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