It is never easy, to say the least. Ask any pet owner and they will tell you that saying goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the hardest things you will have to do. “There’s not a right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a pet, but I have found ways that have helped make it easier for me,” says Gayle Martz, founder of Sherpa Pet Trading Company and pet activist.

Gayle has had five dogs and has had to say goodbye to three, including SHERPA, her beloved Lhasa Apso who is the inspiration behind Sherpa Pet Trading Company, a multi-million-dollar business specializing in pet carriers that was founded by Gayle.

Gayle considered SHERPA a member of her family, so when she was told in 1989 that she couldn’t fly to California with SHERPA, Gayle opted to drive cross country to bring SHERPA along for the trip because she could not imagine leaving her family behind. After this experience Gayle was determined to find a solution – a pet carrier designed for the passenger cabin of airplanes. Sherpa Pet Trading Company was born, and SHERPA served as the company’s “spokes dog” influencing pet lovers and rallying airlines to change their policies on pet travel. “SHERPA was fiercely loyal and acted as my protector. She was by my side for almost two decades as we built our business together,” said Gayle. “But the hardest lesson SHERPA taught me was how to let go.”

In her in her soon-to-be-released new book, “It’s in the Bag”Gayle shares many “tails” about how SHERPA was by her side during many highs and lows. Here are tips that she shares for pet owner who need to say goodbye to their beloved animals.

  • Put Yourself in Their Paws– If a pet is in constant pain and is suffering, it is time to let them go. “At the age of seventeen, SHERPA couldn’t hear and was having trouble walking. She had suffered an injury in an accidental fall and was in constant pain. It was extremely difficult for me to accept, but it was time for her to go, and not let her suffer.”
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven- Find comfort in knowing you will see your pet again and think about them waiting for you on the “Rainbow Bridge.” “If you are not familiar with the Rainbow Bridge, read this poem, and just think about the concept. It will give you comfort knowing you will see your loved one again,” says Gayle.
  • Passing with Dignity- “I’ve always believed that the ceremonies surrounding our passing to the next world provide gravity and poignancy to the experience,” says Gayle. Work with a veterinarian who allows you to do what feels right when it is time to put down a pet. Whether it be playing calm music or lighting candles, create a peaceful atmosphere that feels right to you.
  • Time Heals- While your pet who passed will never be replaced, know that there are other pets that can bring you joy and happiness again when you are ready. “SHERPA was my first love and I will never forget her and the time we had together,” says Gayle. “But I knew I wanted to experience the unconditional love a dog provides again, so in my own time, I have added new loves of my life to my family.” Only you will know when the time is right to begin looking for another pet to add to your family but know that it can happen over time.

While goodbyes are never easy, the joy and excitement that pets bring to your life are worth it. In the case of Gayle, her pet provided her with great fortune and business experience. Learn more about the adventures of SHERPA and Gayle in the book “It’s in the Bag” that is sure to be a hit for entrepreneurs and pet lovers alike!

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