Mental chatter & unfocused thinking don’t contribute to well-being or productivity. Mostly, these are stories we tell ourselves that lack relevance, practicality, or value regarding whatever situation is causing rumination. Distracting, repetitive or negative — they waste time & energy.✨Useless thoughts come in many forms: Dwelling on past mistakes, regrets or missed opportunities. Unproductive, irrational worries or anxieties about events that may or may not happen, without taking steps to address concerns. Replaying negative scenarios or conversations, without finding constructive understandings. Measuring self-worth or success based on others’ achievements & discounting personal growth or goals. Catastrophizing small problems, imagining worst-case scenarios, triggering stress & anxiety. Endless imaginings of “what if” scenarios. Excessive self-criticism with no steps to address perceived shortcomings or situations. ✨When useless thoughts occupy your head, try these ideas: Notice when thoughts become negative. Close your eyes & take some deep breaths, get centered & observe the thoughts without judgment. • Challenge unhelpful thoughts by reframing them with encouraging statements about the situation at hand: ie: “I can deal with this.” • Mentally say “Stop.” This interrupts the pattern & allows you to consciously redirect your thoughts to something more constructive. • If the thoughts are centered around a specific problem or concern, try breaking the problem down into smaller, actionable steps with strategies. • Stimulate positive thoughts and emotions by reading books, listening to motivational podcasts or music, spending time in nature, or engaging in hobbies you enjoy. • List out all the good things in your life. There are many. This can shift focus from unhelpful thoughts to a more productive mindset. • Fully engage your attention in whatever you are doing such as eating, walking or conversing. • Talk to a trustworthy friend or professional about your thoughts & concerns. Sharing thoughts with another can provide a fresh perspective and help clear obsessive thinking.✨Be patient & kind with yourself. ✨

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience