Ever wonder why hotels are so relaxing? What makes the hotel experience so special? From the color scheme to the scents, there are specific strategies used by the hotel industry to create a space of true relaxation and refuge. Read on for some simple ways to bring the feelings of relaxation and escape into the comfort of your own home.


When you stay at a hotel, the clutter stays at home. There are no piles of mail on countertops, dishes that need to be put away, or laundry baskets lurking in corners. Make your main living space a clutter-free zone. Clean out drawers so that your mail, bills, or whatever seems to pile up can be tucked away and out of sight until you can sort through it. Clutter causes anxiety and stress and definitely inhibits relaxation. Keep laundry piles in the laundry room, out of sight until you are ready to get them out of the way. Stay on top of clutter, keeping objects to a minimum for a spacious and clear hotel-feel.

Think White

White linens, white walls, white plates. Most hotels, especially the high-end ones, know the calming effects of white or very light soothing colors. In an article by Simple Home Simple Life, white walls are described as creating a sense of “airiness, calm, and joy.” If you want color on your walls, make it just a shade darker than white, whether it’s blue, green, coral, or beige, keep it as close to white as possible to maximize the soothing effects. Too much color feels suffocating and definitely isn’t relaxing. The same goes for busy patterns and prints. Try to have small pops of prints, patterns, or brighter colors as accent pieces and stay away from patterned furniture or bed spreads.

Make it Exclusive with No Uninvited Guests

One thing you don’t have to worry about while staying at a hotel is pest control. Be proactive to defend your home from pests so that it’s not something you have to wonder or worry about while trying to unwind. Hire a recurring pest control service to spray for insects or use some of these all-natural home remedies. Place a few DoomBox® mousetraps in strategic locations throughout your home as a preventative measure for true peace of mind. DoomBox® keeps trapped mice contained so it’s cleaner than traditional traps. An added benefit to using DoomBox® is the trap is designed to be reusable but is inexpensive enough so if you really don’t want to deal with the mouse, you can dispose of the entire trap. Knowing your defenses are up against pests will help you let go and relax.


According to research, scents can have a powerful relaxation effect. Certain scents, like vanilla and lavender, can improve mood and a sense of well-being, according to The Smell Report. Some of the best hotels pump a signature scent through the ventilation system. That is why the minute you walk in to certain upscale hotels you take a deep breath and immediately feel at ease and in vacation-mode. Find a scent that suits your mood or the feel you are looking for. Whether you diffuse essential oils or light a candle, you can enjoy the benefits of scent sensations to relax and unwind at home just like you would on vacation.

Turn up the Tunes

Lobby music is meant to be relaxing. Whether it’s a cool downtempo beat, smooth jazz, world, or classical, you can find yourself elevated out of the day-to-day stresses of your life. Research published by Stanford University found music “can alter mental states in predictable ways and even heal damaged brains,” and studies showed it can relieve anxiety and depression, as well as symptoms of attention deficit disorder and other mental disorders. Rather than turning on the TV the minute you get home, consider playing some instrumental music as a way to relax and let your mind unwind.

Treat Yourself- You are Worth It!

The hospitality industry employs many strategies to provide the most relaxing and calming experience for their guests. You don’t have to go on vacation to tap into true relaxation. Treat yourself to that same relaxation in the comfort of your own home with these simple tips!

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