As I was looking at my calendar this week, I was in awe that it’s already mid-July. Although, I really shouldn’t be surprised because it definitely feels like July. This heat! I always tell people if you are hot, so is your pet. So, when you go to rehydrate yourself with a glass of water (or bottle!), remember to check your pet’s bowl to make sure they are filled up, too!  I wrote a column for Everyday Dog last year that included my favorite tips on how  to keep your pets safe during the Dog Days of Summer. I encourage you to read it and if you find the tips helpful, I would love to know!

I have been incredibly busy this summer working on an array of business projects, causing me to spend more time indoors than usual. However, I have no qualms about it because the air conditioning feels great for KoKo and me! This made me think that there are probably a lot of people who don’t try to “beat the heat” and just stay indoors with their pets. Which led me to the idea for today’s post: fun activities to do indoors with your pet.

Pick Petzbe

KoKo and I have had the best time joining Petzbe, an online community dedicated specifically for pets. And all pets are welcome. I even talked my friend into starting an account for her bird, Kiwi. What I love about Petzbeis the amazing community. Sadly, you hear so much negative things about social media. I am so blessed to now be a part of TWO loving, compassionate, open-minded communities: SilverDisobedience and Petzbe! If you are a pet owner, I strongly recommend you join as it is also a great source of information for all pet-related topics.

Go to Apple Academy

I laugh because I tell my friends I attended “Apple Academy” after I took many in-person classes at the Applestore during my last trip to Paris. I learned so much and encourage everyone to take one of their classes, online or in-person, if you are wanting to learn how to do more with the fancy devices you own! One class I took focused on making videos with the iPhone and another class was on photography. Well, my favorite subject to video/photograph is, you know it… KoKo. Spend your time indoors this summer taking classes, capturing beautiful images of your pet, and turning them into fabulous creations! I love sharing the final product with my friends and KoKo!

Take a Time Out

Disconnect from it all. Phones, TV, music, internet. And just give your full attention to your pet. It could be for five minutes, or it could be for longer. Use whatever time you must really focus on them and understand what they want to do and go with it. Some pets might just want to be pet on the couch. Others love being brushed or groomed. Maybe a game of tug-of-war with an indoor toy? Whatever it is, just be in the moment, and the good part is that moment will be air conditioned!

What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your pet? There are many more ideas that can be added to the list.

Gayle Martz is the SilverDisobedience Pet Ambassador who will be sharing her insight on a variety of pet-related topics. Gayle is the founder of The SHERPA Pet Trading Company, where she single-handedly designed, manufactured and marketed the iconic SHERPA Bag you see everywhere! This carrier, which millions have bought for their dogs, cats and other animal companions, continues to be THE top-selling, prize-winning, globally-popularly soft-sided pet carrier. Further, it is because of Gayle’s advocacy and entrepreneurship that pet travel on airlines is now possible and common. Gayle’s the author of “IT’S IN THE BAG”, which is part memoir and part business book.