When you think of The Vow, The Fault in Our Stars, Twilight, Bridget Jones, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Anna Karenina do you think of them as books or movies? 

While romance is the common theme between them all…what you may or may not know is that each of these blockbuster love story movies began as books.

While Hollywood moguls try to figure out where the next hit may come from for the many big-ticket dollar movies churned out each year and all those scripted TV shows we’re all binge watching – you might want to imagine the possibilities thanks to the minds of a few up-and-coming prolific romance authors. There are a few notables who are weaving tales of love for passionate female romance readers that are filled with plenty of tense and explosive  moments like a good Michael Bay movie!

For starters there’s Penny Dee.  Her MC Biker romance series, Kings of Mayhem  will really get wheels turning as you try to imagine who might play the lead roles!

Ginni Conquest, has whipped off books like  A Crime of the Heart; A Love in Name Only , Love Never Fails, and a Second Chance for Love.  Her characters experience dizzying rushes of emotion that make readers cheer for their ultimate unity and happiness. She’s been called the next Jackie Collins and has been told her books read like R-rated Hallmark movies. More info can be found at www.facebook.com/sweetandsexyromance1/, on Instagram @authorginniconquest and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ginniconquest.

The Surrender series by Ahren Sanders has imaginations flying and hearts throbbing as take control men surrendering their love to the women of their dreams.

Hallmark! Hollywood!?  Are you listening?! Any of these authors –or a combination of all three — can deliver seasons of movie romance for your channel as well as the Big Screen!

While we wait to see which author will be the next to have their story in theaters, on televisions, or Netflix – we can all read up and place our bets as to who will be the next book featured as a love story on film!

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