If I focus on the future too much, I usually get smacked in the head. Literally. 

About three years ago, only 6 months into my modeling career, I walked out of my dentist’s office after a teeth cleaning, on a chilly Fall day, in sneakers (yes, it’s important to me to note that I wasn’t wearing ridiculous shoes!) I was cruising down West 34th Street, NYC, contemplating my new life as a model…not paying attention to my surroundings…caught up in a combo of ego and the future (they are often combined…), hands shoved deep down in my pockets…and I face planted as my shoe got caught in a big sidewalk crack.

Concussion, face fractures, bone bruise on my cheeks and teeth through my upper lip. Let’s just say, it’s one of those photos I won’t post because I’d likely get banned! As the surgeon stitched me up and sent me for an MRI, I thought, gee, I just had the shortest modeling career in history! 

To the point of the story: Every time I am in hurry mode, focused on some future event…or dreaming and not paying attention to what’s right (smack) in front of me? Life gives me a check…in the hockey sense of the word!

Each time I think I can step into the future, somehow I lose space and time in the present. I get a reminder: Today isn’t the first day of our lives…it’s our only day.

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