It’s official! Hats are here! Now you can wear and declare your Silver Disobedience!

The quality of this hat is truly comparable to a collaboration between the finest luxury brands in the World thanks to the remarkable team at @DesignandSource

SO, if you want one of these limited editions? Here’s the scoop!

$40 bucks covers it all. Hat, packaging, shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada + hand delivery to the Post Office & sales tax…of course!

Yes, it’s an expensive hat. Why? Because it’s an expensive hat! But it is also a limited drop edition. And, did I say it’s a beauty? Because if I didn’t, I meant to say it, because it is a beauty!

Hats will ship out daily with a personal note from me. The USPS Priority Mail says you’ll have it in 3 days following receipt of your paid order.

Buy two hats and ship them to the same address, and the 2nd will only cost $30 because I can fit two in the same package! So $70 for two … and wouldn’t it be a cool present for somebody you love?! (Yes, it would be!)

Post your picture in your hat and #SilverDisobedience and I’ll give you a mega shout out on my Instagram story!

Thanks! Party on!