Valentine’s Day. A day to express your love to your significant others, family and friends…that usually comes with a price tag!  This year the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics announced that more than half of consumers surveyed plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day and will spend an average of nearly $200.

This money is likely spent on popular gift choices such as chocolates, flowers, jewelry, perfume, cologne, bath balms, herbal teas, sleep masks, spa day, massage, and sexy clothing, but maybe it is time to change it up this year?

How often do you hear “happy and healthy (fill in the blank with your favorite holiday, birthday or anniversary greeting)?” And for those of you who have exchanged vows, “in sickness and in health” is often included. This Valentine’s Day consider giving the gift of health to those you love!

Over the last three years, many people unfortunately neglected their own health by postponing doctor appointments, diagnostic screenings, modifying their exercise routines, or just simply stopping important self-care. We can reverse that trend, beginning with some Valentine’s Day gifts that can help you and your special someone strive to be as happy and healthy as possible, and without spending $200! Here they are:


We all know that getting exercise is important. But one of the major obstacles to doing exercise is actually beginning the regime. Jumpstart that process in a fun way for your loved one: create a deck of cards from a colorful pack of index cards, each one with an idea for an outing or get together that will help promote physical activity. Some ideas for your personalized deck of cards include: “Today we are going on a 30-minute walk together,” “This is your day to dance with me in the living room to our favorite disco beat,” and “Today we are going to smell the roses—at the Botanical Gardens.”


Give a new pink accessory to all the women in your life who are important to you with the Aware® Breast Self Exam, an EXTRA tool to help perform breast self-exams. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and something as simple as a monthly breast self-exam can help with early detection. The Aware® Pad is an FDA-cleared aid for performing breast self-examination that enhances tactile sensitivity to feel changes in breast tissue and is a reminder for your loved one to do a breast self-exam every month! It’s a perfect way to let your loved one know how much you value them, how important their health is to you and the importance of self-care! Selling for $19.97, you can purchase Aware® online at, Walmart, Amazon,, or at more than 2,400 Walmart stores.


Let’s talk about the Valentine who has everything and is hard to shop for. Chances are they are the busy person who might need a box-sized reminder to take care of their colon health! It is important to screen for colon disease and is super easy with the at-home EZ Detect™ Colon Disease Test.  Your busy Valentine only has to spend about two minutes taking the test without the muss and fuss of even handling the stool (no “butts” about that!). This screening tool is also FDA-cleared and can be performed on an annual basis to check for the early warning signs of colorectal disease, including colon cancer, even before symptoms appear. You can purchase EZ Detect™ online at Walmart , Amazon, and at many pharmacies for under $12.50. It is important to note that EZ Detect™ is a screening tool and should not be used to confirm the existence or absence of any disease condition. But what it can confirm is your love for your special someone!

So, this Valentine’s Day, why not give gifts that can help with early detection of potentially life-threatening diseases, and contribute to you and your loved one leading longer and healthier lives together! With the more than $175-plus you will be saving on an “average” Valentine’s Day gift, you can always make Valentine’s Day last throughout the year with other healthy gifts…. or even the occasional unhealthy gifts!


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