Past our glorious half-century mark, we’ve realized that life is not one great fairly tale. However—we can still “live happily ever after.” Experience and time have taught us that happiness comes from our choices on a moment to moment basis that build to our overall sense of acceptance of others, our daily situations and our circumstances. None of this means we’ve retired from living and we’re sitting around doing nothing to better ourselves. Rather it means accepting that if we want something to be better in our lives, it’s up to us to figure out how to make that happen. It is from this ownership of our choices and actions that our sense of serenity builds. When we’re doing anything that feels like it is moving us forward in a positive way—it’s like a renewed life force of energy courses through our veins, reinvigorating our spirits. In a recent post I used the phrase “The rest of our years will be the best of our years.” It was truly fascinating to read the enthusiastic responses and affirmations that followed. Many of you asked me to make Silver Disobedience™ t-shirts with that phrase. (PS: They’re now in the works!) Life is for the living. So, no matter what is going on in our lives, today is a perfect day to do whatever is within our power to create our own best version of “happily ever after.”

Photo of me as the Queen with some lovely Princesses from an advertisement entitled: Age of Diversity.

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We’ve got a great discussion going here for those over fifty; (over 50), the elderly according to society; seniors to some; just plain over 50 years old; fifty plus …or anyone alive and rocking life who simply wants to come to this party!

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