Many spend life working, running to meetings,  planning, organizing and taking care of themselves and family in an almost treadmill-like fashion.  Life on the fast track can be fun and fulfilling, yet the day will come when it may be warranted to start planning retirement along with a review of the variety of legal necessities that accompany our later years or maybe even that of those we will be caring for including parents, spouses and children.

Whether it’s reviewing your retirement package at work, selling your current home and moving into another locale, signing a new lease, creating or updating a will, making sure your and your family’s future is secure, or finishing up business, it’s quite certain you’ll need and want some legal advice to be sure your plans are compliant with current laws while aligned with your hopes and dreams.

The best time to start consulting with an attorney to assure our affairs are in order and reflect our choices is actually when we’re very busy.  Yet, considering how time-restrained we are, it’s understandable why we often delay starting the process. Who wants to start interviewing a variety of attorneys, while trying to assess whose expertise matches which of your needs?  And is one person truly that capable? Or, will a variety of experts be necessary?

Certainly, friends and family are a good place to start. It’s likely they’ll have a variety of recommendations for attorneys they’ve dealt with for wills, real estate transactions, long term care, stock transactions, donations and more. But quite often, there are things we may not want to disclose to a friend when we’re seeking the help we need.

The good news is that there are a variety of resources at your fingertips that can help us to take care of our legal matters, so we get to take care of our life!  We are living in a digital age with many search engines at our fingertips. A simple search will come up with a ton of attorneys and other professional resources.  But, even with this information, how can we know which firms and attorneys are best for our specific needs?  How can we communicate with them and learn more about their skillsets and expertise in an efficient, private, productive and secure manner, while ideally avoiding unnecessary travel and trips to their offices? 

There are ways to do this, but many are now looking to Jus-Law, a new client-to-attorney web app, created by an attorney. Beatrice O’Brien, spending her entire career in the Legal Industry and the founder of Jus-Law,  aimed to overhaul what she believed was the arduous and complicated process for clients to hire and work with legal counsel.  Ms. O’Brien created a user-friendly, patented digital platform approved and supported by Apple Inc. specifically designed to facilitate the entire process — starting with “Hello” — between a client and an attorney. Finding an attorney that is a good fit, all the way through completion of the matter without having to leave their home or office has never been easier.  Clients seeking attorney representation begin by downloading the free Jus-Law app, on your desktop. Then, by simply loading location and the legal specialty that is required into the encrypted platform, users can easily find the legal expertise they need.  Once an attorney is selected, users can continue to communicate with attorneys through the mobile or web app, decide which one is right for their needs, hire and proceed with their matters, from anywhere. If you want to “meet face-to-face” before you hire an attorney, or even after you have made the hiring decision, you can do that through the video conferencing feature on the platform.  All documents and files are also available through the platform.

So, if you really want to free time up on your busy schedule, consider taking a look at Jus-Law.  Time will be on your side!

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