“With color comes care,” says Joel Warren, CEO and Founder of The Salon Project in NYC. “Most women who go to the salon looking for a change often find it with color. “As a color expert, I welcome the opportunity to give women a new look but have always educated them on the importance of caring for their hair so that their color can continue to shine,” says Warren.  Hair coloring has always had repercussions like weakening and drying out hair, but these can be reversed if the proper self-care and products are used. Warren, who has more than 30 years of experience in hair care, wants to help women to continue to celebrate their hair and color it if it makes them feel great.  Here he shares his top tips about how to keep colored hair healthy!

Check the Label

Just like you check food labels start checking the label on products for ingredients. “Biotin, keratin, and collagen have so many benefits to help strengthen and nourish your hair,” says Warren. Do a double check to make sure those are on the packaging before you purchase products.

Embrace the Superfoods 

Superfood is a buzz word in the nutrition world, but did you know it can be applied to your hair? Hair Alchemy by Oribe uses superfoods to renew hair strands and bring them to a strong state,” says Warren. Chia seeds, plant-based protein, and bio-fermented bamboo leaf are just a few superfoods that are used in these products!

Bring on the Biotech

Molecular repair is something you might hear when talking about biotechnology, but it is also a mechanism used to repair hair. “Another line I strongly recommend is K18 because it uses a peptide technology to help strengthen hair,” says Warren. Sounds scientific? It is! Check out their Science Class!

Mimic Mother Nature

“Mother Nature created a way to keep hair healthy, and we know this by looking at animals in the wild who have beautiful hair but don’t go to the salon, let alone even wash their hair!” says Warren. “Humans can’t do this because we would smell, which I assure you those animals do!” Warren has studied this phenomenon for years and is creating a line that mimics the way Mother Nature wants hair to be treated. “It’s called “Biomimicry,” says Warren. While the product line is not yet available for sale, he does offer the treatment at The Salon Project.

So, keep calm and color on! Just know what is needed to keep that colored hair healthy.  Follow Joel Warren via The Salon Project for more hair inspiration!

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