Today’s a good day to exchange one habit for another. Let’s say you really like eating potato chips when you’re watching TV. How about exchanging one of those two activities —either the watching TV or the potato chips—for another healthier habit? So, instead of watching TV or eating chips while watching tv, you don’t watch tv or you eat a fruit when you are. Another example could be that maybe you’re in the habit of eating on the run. Could you exchange that habit for sitting down at a table to dine? And, ideally with others having a conversation during the meal?  Maybe you make lists for everything…except something important that concerns your health and well-being. Could you add “take a walk” to your to do list and actually make sure you cross it off each day?   

Nature abhors a vacuum. So, by eliminating one habit and replacing another, we fill the hole and get nature to work with us.

Think of it as a game. Try playing to win!

Take some time to consider what behaviors have become your habits.  See what you might be able to swap out, modify or tweak with a different behavior.  Tell me what you’re going to attempt to do!

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