When we’re ready to rip on someone, it helps to recall the acronym: H.A.L.T.  It’s a way of putting a lid on fury we’d likely regret by asking: Am I H-hungry, A-angry about something that needs to be discussed, L-lonely, or T-tired?

Allowing anger to ignite or linger is comparable to assigning ourselves a personal prison sentence. While feeling angry is as normal an emotion as feeling happy the problem is when we get stuck in anger or other negative emotions and act on them in destructive ways. Managing anger without damaging all in our path is the goal.

If you find yourself imprisoned in anger, here’s a list of Get Out of Jail Ideas. • Put on headphones, take a walk listening to favorite music & start singing. Take a bubble bath or hot shower. Go to bed or take a nap. Take responsibility for your emotions & refocus. Imagine “Flipping Off” your anger switch—knowing that “keeping the anger on” is hurtful. If someone else triggered the anger—try to find compassion for their pain. Get perspective: Remember it could be worse. No matter what is happening…It could be worse. Exercise. Write a letter to yourself expressing all your anger…and then rip it to shreds, burn it & flush it down the toilet. Look at yourself in the mirror expressing your anger. Really let it out. You won’t like what your face looks like—and the horror of seeing your scary expressions might make you recognize the ugliness of holding onto anger. Make a recording of all that you want to say. Then listen to it. Be empathetic to your pain…but like a good friend, try to share reasons why it’s time to let it go. Have a dance party. Call a trustworthy friend & vent in a safe environment. If you can’t change the situation, remind yourself you can change your perspective about it & choose to do something positive if possible. If the situation is proximal, take a step back, walk away and recollect your thoughts before or skipping responding. Lastly for this list…remind yourself that “He who angers you, conquers you.”

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